Presentation Skills

Aside from conveying creative ideas with compelling content, the key to presentations is to focus on influencing your audience and persuading them to a point of view.


Present with Impact—Advanced Intensive is a two-day workshop for experienced presenters who want more individualized instruction on methods for influencing internal and external audiences and effective delivery style. This two-day session includes 6 hours of group training and individual one-hour coaching consultations with each participant. Participants are videotaped giving two presentations and receive individualized feedback.

Present with Impact—Fundamentals of Presenting, is a one-day group training that teaches basic skills for developing clear messaging, memorable content and effective delivery style. This does not include videotaping or individual coaching sessions. This workshop is for business presenters who do not have extensive presentation experience.

Both workshops concentrate on developing skills in content structure, messaging, use of stories and analogies, and effective delivery style. Participants practice these skills by preparing a 2-minute spoken presentation for the group, followed by feedback from the trainer and fellow participants to identify opportunities to improve their impact. My training colleagues and I have decades of experience, and we excel at targeted feedback that is specific and actionable. As part of instructing participants, we encourage them to identify their pertinent real-life stories and use them to connect with audiences.

The workshop’s learning objectives are to:

  • Develop a well-organized and persuasive presentation

  • Identify and communicate a memorable key message

  • Construct a clear and specific call to action

  • Use stories and analogies to strengthen engagement and retention

  • Project confidence and authority through delivery style

  • Identify personal strengths and areas for improvement

“Susannah and all her associates are extraordinary teachers and know how to bring out the best in people. Their classroom facilitation skills are outstanding.”

                         —VP, Talent Development, Jackson Family Wines



A well-told story not only captures audiences’ hearts and minds, but also influences listeners’ thinking and decision-making.


Storytelling that Sells

We are hardwired for telling and listening to stories. Whether spoken around the glow of a campfire, or conveyed in a corporate conference room, stories represent a natural, everyday form of communication that resonates with audiences and connects them to speakers.

In a business and sales context, storytelling acts as a potent tool for positioning a brand more memorably than mere charts and statistics, so that customers both understand and appreciate a brand’s value. By employing evocative analogies and emotive examples, stories play an integral part in preparing and delivering presentations that support ambitious sales goals. But even if we know good storytelling when we hear it, what goes into creating it?

Storytelling that Sells is a hands-on practical one-day workshop that teaches participants how to leverage stories in the sales process. It focuses on overcoming any misgivings or fears that salespeople experience about storytelling by reacquainting them with the natural act of speaking with an authentic voice.

The program identifies the skills for using stories to influence clients’ purchase decisions in a curriculum with goals that include:

  • Understanding how, when and where to strategically use stories, analogies, and examples in the sales process

  • Learning how to identify personal stories that create connection and deepen our clients’ understanding of the brand positioning

  • Delivering stories in a compelling and authentic style

  • Becoming adept at utilizing stories in:
    - Presenting a brand narrative
    - Overcoming objections
    - Business development meetings

“Susannah's impact on the success of our teams has been extraordinary. Participants in her workshops walk away with a set of well-developed skills and frameworks, and a greater sense of confidence. Susannah and her associates have worked with a broad spectrum of employees, from individual contributors to senior vice presidents.”

          —Director Global Customer Learning, Twitter


Presentation Skills for Women

Good communicators read their audiences and adapt. This is especially important for women, whose audiences frequently misinterpret their traditional assets of inclusion and empathy as lacking in confidence and authority.


Speaking with Confidence and Authority: Presentation Skills for Women is a one-day workshop* that teaches women to assert their ideas and authority by using more effective language. In the workshop we review current research and explore issues of gender and power. Then we apply the research findings to practical speaking formats that help women come across with stronger presence, communication style, and authority. Our goal is to identify speaking styles that make a lasting impression, influence how participants are perceived, and improve outcomes in meetings and presentations. Additionally we explore how to employ confident body language and speak confidently about their performance and accomplishments so as to accelerate their advancement.  

Topics covered include:

  • Social conditioning that undermines women’s power and authority

  • Utilizing language that communicates credibility and authority

  • The body language of confidence

  • Speaking about our performance and self-advocating

  • Building a support network

* This one-day workshop can also be delivered as a one-hour keynote, entitled Women, Language, and Power.