“I find Susannah’s approach to be an amazing mix of insightfulness, warmth and pragmatism. She embraces the concept that to help the professional you have to understand the personal.”

                                    —Senior Vice President, Chief Corporate Counsel at Visa

Our Approach

Michelangelo believed that his sculpture already resided within any block of stone before him, waiting to be revealed. My brand of coaching is much like that—a process of partnering with clients to uncover their vision of success with clarity and commitment. Together, we set about discovering practical, actionable solutions to the obstacles keeping them from a desired state that they are intuitively aware of, but may not have fully articulated or actualized.

Fundamental to my work is helping clients distill answers to cornerstone questions, such as:

  • Where do you want to go—with your team and in your career?

  • What impact do you want to have?

  • What is it you want to say?

Through my distinctive blend of coaching and consulting, we undertake to articulate the answers to these questions, and to achieve the goals they point to—whether it’s to make a career advancement, deliver on a new or larger scope of work, or develop a signature idea for presentations to influential audiences.

This is no turnkey process, but an exercise that builds clients’ confidence, a firm belief in the merit of their ideas, and ability to achieve the meaningful results they seek.

Ultimately, the solutions emerge from probing back-and-forth conversations that apply my listening and observation skills with decades-long experience in psychology, collaborative leadership, and presentation coaching. Because I conduct my engagements with a direct honesty and empathy, clients feel challenged, but supported, and deserving of the success they seek.